Valentine’s Day!

Hi Lovelies!

Love is in the air; Happy Valentine’s Day!

I sincerely hope that everyone enjoyed this day dedicated to love! What did everyone do to celebrate this romantic holiday? I stayed indoors to relax and avoid the busy restaurants and stores. My body needed to rest anyways because I have been super busy with work and family life. Now, I am feeling refreshed!

Even though I was busy, I still made time to pamper myself by painting and stamping my nails this weekend in honor of Valentine’s day. This time, my nail painting session went smoothly and quickly too! It took me about 2 hours to complete my Valentine’s nails! This is a good sign; I think I am improving at painting and stamping my nails! What do you think? By the way, I noticed that my nail cuticles are extremely dry. May my experienced nail artist readers advise me on how to improve the conditions of my nail cuticles?  I have heard that I can either snip or push back my nail cuticles, but which method is safer and better for me to try? Your advice is much appreciated; thank you!

~ Cyndi ~

Materials Used:

Beauty Secrets Base Coat
“Blair” by Zoya
White(#1): Mundo De Unas Stamping Polish
Top Coat by Wet n’ Wild
Konad Nail Stamper
Squishy White Stamper
Blank card – scraper
BM-H16 Bundle Monster’s Valentines Day Stamping Plate
BM-H18 Bundle Monster’s Love Is In The Air Stamping Plate



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