Spring Time!

Hi Lovelies!

Happy Spring! Monday, March 20th marks the first day of Spring on the calendar and it seems to really be the case. This week’s weather has been pleasantly warm in the high 70’s degrees fahrenheit and all the flowers are gorgeously in bloom! Also, with the new time change, it gets dark later so that gives us time to enjoy the sunny outdoors after work! The Spring season is the start of a beautiful adventure waiting for us to embark on; so let the journey begin!

To welcome the Spring season, I painted my nails to reflect my favorite parts of Spring- open blue skies and lovely flowers! A picture of my Spring nails is posted below; please tell me what you think of the design. What design did everybody paint their nails for Spring? I hope everyone will enjoy the rest of their weekend! Thank you for visiting my blog!

~ Cyndi ~

Spring Nailies

Materials Used:

Beauty Secrets Base Coat
“Blue Blast” by Sally Hansen
“Unicorn” by Sinful Colors
White(#1): Mundo De Unas Stamping Polish
“Dries Instantly” Top Coat by Sally Hansen
Konad Nail Stamper
Blank card – scraper
Image Plate 91 Floral Stamping Plate
to21 Rectangular Stamping Plate


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